Cedarville Vineyard is a “Sustainable” business.  We began organically farming our vineyard in the 2010 growing season.  We are not using synthesized products anywhere in the vineyard.


In 1995 we found the property we named Cedarville Vineyard in the Gold Rush era town of Fair Play.  We live here on the property at over 2500 ft. elevation surrounded by our 15 acres of organically farmed vines.  We have no employees, choosing to be hands-on winemakers, and all our wines are Estate Bottled with the exception of our Petite Sirah which comes from one of the oldest (if not the oldest) vineyard in Fair Play. Our energy efficient winery is built partially underground, with our barrels storage caves completely underground, allowing us to cool our winery without air conditioners, and keep energy bills very low. Everything we do in the winery is designed to reflect the wonderful character of our unique vineyard. We make our wines ourselves, so the building and winemaking processes are scaled to be hands on.

730106 Viognier

730016 Zinfandel

730006 Grenache

730026 Cabernet Sauvignon