Grant Family & Couloir Wines

Jon Grant is a genuine artisan and a passionate explorer… and you can taste it in his wines.  As an artisan, Jon knows that the right grape from the right vineyard, farmed by the right people, can produce wines of unmatched character and expression. As an explorer, he’s sought out the magical places – often in obscure corners of California’s finest growing regions – that offer the most harmonious synergy between grape variety and vineyard site.  In order to preserve the site-specific characteristics, Jon’s winemaking style is deliberately minimalist: gently tending to the grapes as they transform into new wines on their journey to the bottle; carefully preserving the essence of the earth, air and soil as a palpable and visceral part of the wine. The results are wines with unparalleled varietal character, purity and appeal.


Handcrafted, vineyard designated Pinot noir with a singular sense of place and time. The winemaking is deliberately minimalist; the intention is to support the wines while they convey their unique place of origin, vintage and variety.


Delicious wines from top appellations exhibiting genuine varietal character. Designed to over deliver and encourage wine lovers to pull the cork, Straight Line Wine is great quality wine at a reasonable price.

7100106 Pigeonhole Cellars Pinot Noir 12/750

710096 Monument Tree Pinot Noir 12/750

710006 Straight Line Pinot Noir 12/750