Richard Steltzner established his first Stags Leap District Vineyards in 1965 while concurrently en gaging in vineyards management. Steltzner Vineyards first commercial release was in 1977, and the Steltzner Family established their own modest facility in 1983, with a 3,000 case capacity here in the Stags Leap District.

In 1989, Dick & Christine Steltzner began the expansion of their winery with a 710 foot under ground storage tunnel, which has allowed increased volume as well as enhancing the quality and charac teristics of wine storage. In 1992, the expansion was completed with a Mediterranean style structure providing a new laboratory, special event room, offices and reception area for winery visitors.

600006 Claret, Napa Valley(68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Franc) 12/750
600016 Cabernet, Stags Leap District 12/750
600036 Cabernet Franc, Stags Leap District 12/750
600066 Napa Cabernet 12/750