CHAUCERS CELLARS, at the BARGETTO WINERY, has produced award winning dessert style fruit wines since 1964. These elegant dessert wines are produced from 100% pure fruit or natural honey without the addition of artificial flavors.

In 1964 Lawrence Bargetto began producing Mead using honey from a local family owned Walls Honey Farm and then continued with wines produced from different fruits in the area, including plums grown at the winery. Since then perhaps a dozen different fruits have been used, all locally grown.
Other dessert style wines from CHAUCERS CELLARS include, raspberry, raspberry mead, olallieberry and pomegranate. Occasionally the ever popular CHAUCERS CELLARS apricot hits the shelves.

640406 Mead 12/750
640434 Raspberry Mead 12/750
640454 Blackberry Wine 12/500
640444 Pomegranate Wine 12/500

Determining the best food pairings to serve with dessert style wines is easy. Trust your taste and experiment a little. The dessert wines go very well with dark chocolates, pies and cakes, and stand up to the most hearty flavors. Serve dessert wines at room temperature or slightly chilled for the best flavor.

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