Indian Wells Spring is the spring that saved the Death Valley Party in 1858. We make all of our products with this (on site) natural artesian spring water. We FLASH PASTURIZE all of our bottled beer to guarantee a stable, long shelf life. Mojave Red is a slow fermented lager that can take up to 6 weeks to finish before being filtered and bottled.


994001 Mojave Red 4/6pks
994002 Mojave Gold 4/6pks
994003 Blackout Stout 4/6pks
994004 Amnesia IPA 4/6pks
994005 Lobotomy Bock 4/6pks
994006 Orange Blossom Amber 4/6pks
994015 Raspberry Ale 4/6oks
994018 Death Valley Pale Ale 4/6pks
994022 Whiskey Barrel Growlers 12/22oz
994029 Orange Blossom Amber 12/220z
994030 Death Valley Pale Ale 12/22oz
994061 Jivin’ Ginger Shandy 12/22oz
994064 Brown Ale 12/22oz
994065 Brookie Bock 12/22oz


994007 Death Valley Rootbeer 6/4pks
994011 Death Valley Orange Cream 6/4pks
994012 Death Valley Cream Soda 6/4pks
994008 Death Valley Cola 6/4pks
994009 Death Valley Sour Green Apple 6/4pks
994010 Death Valley Black Cherry 6/4pks

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