In 1996, green thumb David Jackson purchased an exceptional 28 year old, dry farmed vineyard in northern Calistoga.  Shortly after David purchased the vineyard, his entrepreneurial son, Trent got inspired to build on his fathers dreams.  Using the grapes from his father’s vineyard, Trent bottled his first vintage in his San Francisco garage.  An award winner?  No, but there was promise her and an even greater determination to make wine.  Trent immediately enlisted cult wine maker Kirk Venge to take over.

By the late 90’s, Trent’s focus on quality and limited production attracted a loyal word of mouth following.  However working full time in technology, Trent soon began to realize that his promising hobby required full time attention, in 2002, Trent turned to his sister Kimberly, a newly minted MBA who co-founded the wine club at Vanderbilt University.  Without hesitation, Kimberly jumped into the business with tenacity and passion.  Within one year Kimberly restructured the business, rebranded the wine, placed the wine in top restaurants in the Bay Area and New York, received great press, and established distribution in 8 states.  The vision is to produce high quality wines, with a chic label, and a fair price point.  Kimberly asserts that “the next generation is looking for a modern brand, great quality, and a good story.”  Now we are distributed in 26 states including Canada.  Our production averages 8,000 cases per year among all varietals.

305106 Y3 Sauvignon Blanc 12/750

305206 Y3 Pinot Noir Rose 12/750

305116 Y3 Chardonnay 12/750

305006 Y3 Pinot Noir 12/750

305016 Y3 Taureau Red Blend 12/750

305126 Jax Dutton Ranch Vyd Chardonnay 12/750

305026 Jax Cabernet 12/750

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