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Tamber Bey is a privately owned and operated winery that produces 100% estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay wines. The winery harvests fruit from its two vineyards located in the heart of the Napa Valley. Adjacent to the Napa River at the southern end of the famed Oakville appellation, the Tamber Bey Estate Vineyard is located on the southern edge of the premier Napa Val ley Cabernet ripening zone and is planted entirely with the Cabernet grapes that make Tamber Beys flagship Estate Cabernet.
The Deux Chevaux Vineyard (formerly the Two Rivers Vineyard) is located just east of the town of Yountville, in the Yountville appellation. This vineyard sits in the middle of the valley and is also adja cent to the Napa River. It is planted with Merlot, Cabernet and Chardonnay grapes. All wines made un der the Tamber Bey label are 100% produced from these two vineyards.

The moniker Tamber Bey combines the names of the first Arabian horses that Tamber Bey owner Barry Waitte owned and raced Tamborina and Bayamo (Bayamo is pictured below left with his cur rent owner, Pamela Jacobs, now a champion Dressage competitor), affectionately known as Tamber and Bay. In 2008, in keeping with the origins of the Tamber Bey name, Barry renamed the Two Rivers Vine yard. It is now known as the Deux Chevaux Vineyard. Deux Chevaux is French for two horses.

The Tamber Bey estate is now home to several world class Arabian endurance horses. These horses regularly compete over distances of 50 and 100 miles and are ridden by Barry and Tamber Bey General Manager Jennifer Nice, who is also the horses trainer.

490126 Sauvignon Blanc Tench Vyd 12/750
490116 Chardonnay, Trio Vyd 12/750
490076 Pinot Noir, Sun Chase Vyd 12/750
490086 Deux Chevaux Vineyard Merlot 12/750
490016 Deux Chevaux Vineyard Cabernet 12/750
490057 Deux Chevaux Vineyard Cabernet 12/375
490106 Deux Chevaux Vineyard Chardonnay 12/750
490047 Deux Chevaux Vineyard Rabicano 12/375
490036 Deux Chevaux Vineyard Rabicano 12/750
490096 Oakville Estate Cabernet (wood box) 6/750
490067 Oakville Estate Cabernet 12/375


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