Shannon Ridge

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              At Shannon Ridge we are dedicated to creating a family of wines that consumers love at top-quality and affordable prices. We are passionate about preserving our land, not only for great vineyard sites, but for the wild creatures which share our property. Our sustainability practices integrate a flock of sheep that clean the vineyards, remove the excess canopy, and reduce the need for chemicals, while providing natural fertilizer.


Playtime Blonde Chardonnay 12/750
Playtime Red 12/750
High Elevation Chardonnay 12/750
High Elevation Sauvignon Blanc 12/750
High Elevation Petite Sirah 12/750
High Elevation Wrangler Red 12/750
High Elevation Cabernet Sauvignon 12/750
High Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 12/750
Vigilance Cimarron 12/750
Vigilance Cabernet Sauvignon 12/750
Buck Shack Red Blend 12/750

Buck Shack Cabernet Sauvignon 12/750
Shannon Ridge Reserve Zinfandel 12/750


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